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A history of the swivel mount 360

At GoSpin360, we do not claim to be the inventors of the swivel mount 360! We have developed this device to make it secure / compact and above all to make it available to all thanks to DIY. And all due respect to other manufacturers claiming to be inventors, this type of accessory has existed since 2009 ! The GoSpin360 team will present the debut of this fabulous accessory...

On June 6, 2009 – its first public appearance... in competition !

The first constructions of the swivel mount 360 started in early 2009 because we can find many posts online on the subject but unfortunately without any pictures or videos (for example posts from Dirt-HQ on 23 March, here and there). But on June 6, 2009, Kieran Mcavoy aka Billy The Web dared to use the swivel mount 360 during the test session before the race at Fort William Men's 4-Cross organized by UCI Mountain Bike World Cup. You can enjoy this first video with the link below :

Later, Billy would have even designed a model with a rotary engine, but no video ever showed up with it.

Also in 2009, the tests go on at the Mountain Bike UK

Following this public presentation hyped, pilot Tom Gethin Morgan and Hampton have also been testing it on the track of Redhill four cross at Gloucestershire East. Unfortunately, we will not see any videos in competition because this type of accessory was quickly banned from competitions of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup ! Some explanations here. The media had dubbed the accessory 'the lawn-mower-spinning-of-death-360'...

From 2010, Internet users are taking over !

It's from 2010 that people actively begin to build their own swivel mount 360 and present their creations in detail on many sites forums. The oldest post found by GoSpin360 is that of Tschezy on August 22, 2010 with detailed construction pictures. Then we found that of Mc Designer dated September 17, 2011 with supporting video. And on March 5, 2012, the detailed construction of Pierre with a video. The movement is launched ...

Following episode...

In the course of 2011, numerous testimonies, construction drawings and videos circulating on social networks show that the swivel mount 360 accessory is now the invention of a group of onboard camera enthusiasts, with the major pioneer Competitors UCI Mountain Bike World Cup. So, from 2012, the commercial operation of the swivel mount 360 starts sometimes claiming of this invention, with patent support ! The anteriority of the concept as stated before makes of course obsolete all these late steps to claim exclusive rights. Given the prices charged, these early models are only offered to video professionals. It was not until late 2012 that GoSpin360 will embark on the adventure with an accessory with specific features (more secure and compact) and for the first time intended to the general public.